Do I have to be an entrepreneur to participate?

Yes. Being an entrepreneur is one of the criteria that make you eligible for our program

What kind of startups would you be looking for?

Our program is sector agnostic, unless otherwise stated. This means that we look for young entrepreneurs from a wide variety of sectors who have founded a scalable and tech-based startup.

Are only social entrepreneurs eligible to apply?

Unfortunately, this program is for startup companies only.

At what stage should my startup be for me to qualify for the program?

You need to have at least a working prototype and have ideally some tractions. If your startup is at a later stage, you are also eligible to apply for the program.

I have an idea for a startup and would like to develop it further. Can I apply for the program?

Unfortunately not. The program focuses on entrepreneurs who already have their own startup and are looking to grow their business.

Do you only accept technology-based startups?

Yes. 250STARTUPS’s mission is to support and discover technology startups companies.

Is a good understanding of English a requirement?

Yes. All the workshops and communications in the program will be conducted in English so all participants are required to demonstrate a good proficiency of English.

How will the applicants’ English skills be examined?

The applicants’ English skills will be examined from the written application as well as during the interview.

Does my startup need to be registered as a company?

No, the program includes various sessions on legal matters and will take you through how to register your company.

How can I apply for the next 250STARTUPS cohort?

Simply click on ‘Apply’ at the top menu and follow the links provided. If you are the founder of a startup eligible for application you can download the guidelines for application from the application page and follow the instructions. If you are applying as a trainee, simply click on the respective links on the application page to fill out the application form.

Am I allowed to submit more than one application for the 250STARTUPS Program?

No. We only accept one application but if you are not selected you can apply in the next cohort.

Can I submit an application other than via the online form?

No. Only applications submitted in time via the online form will be reviewed.

Can several co-founders of one startup apply for the program?

Several founders from the same startup may apply for the program but only maximum two founders per startup can participate in the program.

I’ve applied to the program before and wasn’t accepted. Should I apply again?

Yes. We encourage startup founders to apply again even if they had not been accepted into the 250STARTUPS Program before. A rejection is not a judgement of entrepreneurial skills or the business idea as the application process is highly competitive.

I do not have a pitch deck. Is the pitch deck mandatory for the application?

It’s not mandatory while applying but you will need have one if you’re selected.

How do you select the participants?

We go through the applications and we select the company that are eligible according to our application requirement.

How long will the program last?

The incubation program lasts 6 months.

Do you provide funding or grants for participants of the 250STARTUPS Program?

Yes. We give 1million RWF to each company that is used to help the startups for their fieldwork, for marketing purpose, launching their project etc.

What support do I get in the 250STARTUPS Program As a Founder?
  • Facility (An office, internet, transport, lunch)
  • A trainee Lawyer & a trainee financial officer
  • Mentors to help your business grow
  • An Incubation Specialist that help them in their everyday work
  • Trainings for building a company that is fundable
  • Visibility through events
Do I need to attend all program activities?

Yes unless you have a partner who will be attending with you and whenever you have anytime you don’t come your startup will be represented by one of the founder.

Is there a chance to meet investors?

Yes, through the events we organize like Capital/Market talk or other events that we may attend like (Transform Africa or youth connect)

How do you select the participants?

We go through the applications and we select the company that are eligible according to our application requirement.